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"The demand for equal rights in every vocation of life is just and fair; but, after all, the most vital right is the right to love and be loved."

"If I can't dance, I don't want to be a part of your revolution."

- Emma Goldman

"Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others."

- Edward Abbey

"Equality and freedom are not luxuries to be lightly cast aside. Without them, order cannot long endure before approaching depths beyond imagining."

"Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody has their story to tell."

- Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

Timeline of Work

The image on the header above represents to me the bliss and tranquility of childhood, and of being a part of nature. Childhood is when I started writing, and I draw on it and nature every time I write, even today.

This page is a timeline of all works I have completed and, generally, found major enough to get copyrighted, or which have been included in other copyrighted works, such as anthologies. It is a history of my writing more than a refined self-representation, which is why I have separated it from my official portfolio.

Let it be known that, as an anarchist communist, I am fundamentally against the concept of copyright. Unfortunately, however, it is the best protection against plagiarism which exists in our society right now, so I begrudgingly make use of it.

Be that as it may, as long as you do not claim authorship of any of my work, I take no issue with you distributing any work which I myself copyrighted without first getting my permission. If I list a publisher with a work, however, it's best to avoid distributing it without first getting the permission of the publisher. (With the exception of my submissions to Noetic Magazine - I copyrighted those works myself since the Katherine Anne Porter School can't afford to do so.)


Current Books In Progress


Kalmok is a prince whose kingdom hasn't seen the outside world since the disappearance of the Magi, centuries ago. Gobo is a peasant aching to leave the confines of her home city. When Kalmok's parents are assassinated, he flees on a quest for vengeance, meeting Gobo along the way. Neither have ever ventured this far from their homes, and all in the world is not as it seems...

The Slipping of the Veil is the first book in the young adult high fantasy series The Poems Immemorial.


Homeschooled, Wren has always been raised to be themself, especially after finding out that they're non-binary. In seventh grade, however, they decide to enter public school, where they encounter bullies, make a BFF, and find a strange magical backpack leading to a sad and lonely world and ancient family secrets.

The Backpack Dimension is a middle grade low fantasy standalone.




2020 Portfolio (work-in-progress)

All notable independent works I wrote or am writing in 2020. Some are listed below.

(Note: Wherever I say "Download will become available in time," that means when the entire portfolio becomes available for download, which could be as long from now as a few months into 2021.)

Soul of Darkness (poem in 2020 Portfolio)

"O soul of darkness, O eye of blight, / come to me on fearful night. / Lay thy hands upon my wistful mind / and mold me fit my rest of kind."

To be published in Noetic Magazine Issue #9! Download will become available in time.

The Luminarium (narrative poem in 2020 Portfolio)

In the Democratic Republic of the Night Sky, dissent is illegal. Everyone there knows this, but no one outside it. Can Mai, a victim of the system, ever regain hope?

To be published in Noetic Magazine Issue #8! Download will become available in time.

You will also be able to download the art heading the poem in Noetic, which I drew.

New Kid (poem in 2020 Portfolio)

"I feel the eyes peering / at me and I don’t know / what they’re thinking, / but I am afraid, / just a little / and then I get more comfortable / I don’t “know” anyone / but I feel more and more like / I can talk / to these new people / and then  / I try / something new again / maybe it’s as simple as / a bus ride but still it / burns"

To be published in Noetic Magazine Issue #7! Download will become available in time.

Anarchy in Olympus (work-in-progress short story in 2020 Portfolio)

Dr. Nicolai Mendoza, professor of anthropology, once paid little attention to the ecological and political chaos happening around him. But when the effects of climate change finally have a terrible, personal impact on his life in 2130, he becomes suddenly aware of the wider world. With nowhere else to go, he joins an anarcho-communist city on Mars.

Download will become available in time.

The Poison of Rule (poem in 2020 Portfolio)

"Power corrupts; power changes. / Power fells the weak and weary / While those in power say 'How dreary!' / And laugh at the nameless people’s fury."

Download will become available in time.

Una canción del duelo final (canción en la Carpeta de 2020; la letra es cumpleado, pero no la música)

Un reflejo de mi duelo climático.

La descarga va a estar disponsible con el tiempo.

The Black Banner (poem in 2020 Portfolio)

"What role does a flag possess? / To inspire? To unify? / Or to divide and conquer?"

Download will become available in time.

Woooden Spoons (poem in 2020 Portfolio)

"Carved with such elegance, / almost as if crafted by the gentle hand / of an artisan, / meditating on the / EVERY MOVEMENT of her knife, // When in truth, / 'tis nothing more than the product / of a machine's endless repetition, / its ceaseless toil, / NOT ONE THOUGHT put into the craft"

Download will become available in time.



Thomas Paine and Antifascism: The Crisis, No. 1 in the Context of the Contemporary Rise of Right-Wing Extremism

A slideshow presentation about the concept of the fight against tyranny, using Thomas Paine's calls for action in a modern context. Sections include:

  • Part I. "The Crisis, No. 1"

  • Part II. "The Return of Fascism"

  • Part III. "Anarcho-Communism"

  • Part IV. "The Need for Revolution"

  • Part V. "Band-Aids"

  • Part VI. "Conclusion"


Haiku Alphabet

A book of twenty-six haiku poems similar to "What am I?" riddles.


Inheritance Under Anarcho-Communism

The first essay I wrote about anarcho-communism, on the subjects of the different types of property and inheritance.


The Creation of the Universe

A draft of the creation myth of the world in which The Poems Immemorial takes place.


The New Hernández House

An excerpt of the first draft of The Backpack Dimension, a WIP middle grade low fantasy, featured in Emerge: Youth Voice in Ink issue #12. Published by Badgerdog.



2018 Portfolio

All 72 independent works I wrote in 2018. They are listed below.


The Spirit Whisperer (short story in 2018 Portfolio)

In an alternate 1700s, Akins, a boy from Cairo, and Isis, his mother, seek refuge in England from the terror in the Warlock Alliance, only to learn just how much the Nonmagick Coalition hates warlocks. Akins is a Spirit Whisperer, able to commune with the dead, and the dead are everywhere in plague-ridden Londinium. While trying to survive, he may never reveal his powers.

The Doorway (short story in 2018 Portfolio)

William and Jahziel used to be inseparable, but the latter has drifted away over the past year. Trying to mend their bond, William confronts his old friend and finds out what Jahziel has been doing this whole time: escaping to a magical, extradimensional world called the Folds.

Your Cat (short story in 2018 Portfolio)

Your cat shares some complaints.

Deceit of the Raven Witch (narrative poem in 2018 Portfolio)

"'Stranger in the night, come nigh!' / This she whispereth when the moon was high. / 'Twas a white sphere floating softly, / Yet its shadows shan't e'er be less lofty. / Her pure white skin hath the most abominable imperfections, / And her face was obscured by a witch's hat which bore no reflections. / The little hair visible was dark as a raven's coat, / Shining, shimmering, blacker than a serial killer's rote."

El crujido en la noche (poema en la Carpeta de 2018)

"Fue la víspera del día más oscuro, / y el mundo estuvo viendo para el futuro. / Cuervos volaban y veían desde el cielo / mientras el mundo se convertía tan frío como el hielo. / Caminaba en el camino brumoso, / creciente más y más nervioso, / asustando en cada ruido, / esperando que podríamos estar unido."

Soy hispano and I'm Proud of It (poem in 2018 Portfolio)

"Soy hispano— / ¡Tejano, mexicano, español! / And I'm proud of it!"

The Candle Wick Heir (poem in 2018 Portfolio)

"Wick upon the candle stick, / Your flame shall wave and flick, / But thy time is nearing / With the clock's tick."

Panthera onca (haiku series in 2018 Portfolio)

  1. Leap

  2. Evening Twilight

  3. Forest Floor

  4. River

  5. Water Cat

  6. Panthera onca

  7. Reign, Rain

  8. Morning Twilight

  9. Daylight

  10. The Jungle

Seven More Poems (in 2018 Portfolio)

  • The Books That We Read

  • Gnargliboof

  • The Long Night

  • Lie of the Madman

  • Midnight News

  • The First and Last to Rise and Fall

  • Bloody Roses

Thirty-Two More Haikus (in 2018 Portfolio)

  • Hegemony

  • Chick

  • Painting

  • Politics Among Friends

  • Breathing

  • Fowl Groups

  • Reef Triggerfish

  • Books

  • Caligraphy

  • The Light Strand

  • Keyboard

  • Imperialism

  • Un haiku en español

  • Common Education

  • Poe

  • Swaying

  • Good Hair

  • Repetition

  • The Chicken Or the Egg?

  • Voraciousness

  • Felitocracy

  • Paganism

  • 12345678910

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson

  • Ley Lines

  • Ghost

  • Hegemony 2

  • Windowless

  • Old Pond (my rendition of Matsuo Basho's Japanese haiku)

  • Horizon

  • Binary


  • Txt Talk

Nine Essays (in 2018 Portfolio)

  • Peace Pilgrim Quote Analysis

  • Truth

  • Survival

  • Sobre Mi

  • Four essays on vexillology

  • One ARC review

Four More Short Stories (in 2018 Portfolio)

  • The Wretched Sound of Incarnation (four incomplete & abandoned stories)

One Short Screenplay (in 2018 Portfolio)

  • The Tumor



The Terran Trials

An excerpt of a novel I was drafting at the time, featured in Emerge: Youth Voices in Ink issue #10. Published by Badgerdog.



The Suit Wars

A poem featured in Emerge: Youth Voices in Ink issue #9. Published by Badgerdog.